Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What a great cooking school that A Southern Season has!

Thanks to our good friend Caroline's invitation.
We have had a great treat to be able to visit A Southern Season at Chapel Hill, NC.
On the afternoon 2/22/2009, we were scheduled to offer a tea class at its Cooking School.
That classroom is so well designed and is such a dream place to share tea experience. We have so many wonderful volunteers and passionate tea lovers there...makes this tea tasting class truly a most memorable one. I wish we can come back to visit this cooking school very soon!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Tea Workshop at Duke University (2009.2.21)

Thanks to a great bunch of good leaders from Duke.
We enjoy a wonderful experience offering tea workshop:
1869 Pon Fon Cha
at Duke campus on 2/21/2009 during ITASA East Coast Conferenc.

A Demo of Taiwan Jade Oolong's Hand Rolling

Taiwan’s High Mountain Jade Oolong teas require skillful canvas wrapping rolling.
The process involves tightly packing leaves into large canvas cloths that are then rolled by hand, foot or machine, then briefly firing the leaves to dry and separate them. It may be repeated dozens of times, depending on conditions and the desired outcome.
The slides show a live demonstration of traditional canvas wrapping and hand rolling, as a Taiwan tea master displays his craftsmanship and discuss how skill and art affects the quality of tea.
Much obliged to Mr. Chen Chen-Chin and Mr. Norman Shu for these great photos.