Thursday, April 28, 2011

20110417 Afternoon Tea @ TAAGCC

Thanks to our friend, Edward Lin's linking up with TAAGCC for this tea event. We got to meet with so many new friends in Chicago. Dr. Ching-Chong Huang, the current President of TAAGCC has organized this event extremely well. The venue, the audience, the interact...what could be much more we expected? Just check these photos out...look at the faces...and, as you know, I got the chance to sing, not one, not two...a few Tea Mountain Love Songs! Enjoy this one very very much!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Azusa Tea Club (4/23/2011) - Focus Tasting: Pouchong

4/23/2011 at Azusa Tea Club -
This workshop was set before our trip to Taiwan and we did not think of this is Easter Weekend. Several members had canceled their RSVP till very late. However, we still manage to have 10 people for this Pocuhong workshop.
We got 4 samples to be cupped vertically for the first session. From the dry leaves checking, cupping and appreciating the aroma, liquor and flavor, plus the review of wet leaves....we've done it all professionally, step by step. The second session, we got 4 volunteers to make tea with different vessels to serve... Patti did with Zen Teapot, Henry with Tea-One brewer, Dorothy with Glass Gai-Wan, and Richard performed Gong-Fu Tea Ceremony....
We just enjoy a great afternoon together.