Friday, October 1, 2010

2010 World Tea Expo

Another great show for TTMA. We had a series of programs in our own stage every day. Many good friends stopped by to say hi and checked us out... Our booth is indeed very busy and with all activities in three days... what a job! Thanks to all our partners came all the way from Taiwan not only helping out the booth exhibition, also brought the demo programs. Dr. Lin and Steve Huang had an early morning class to introduce Taiwan's indigenous tea having tea cupping of Ruby 18 and Classic Tung Ting.... I do see the light this year, TTMA has brought a few young tea pros from Taiwan to participate this show. They worked very hard for preparing the tea, serving tea teas...and clean up... We can't be this good if we are not perform as a team. Our leader: Jackson and Ted are extremely busy all along. I am just glad that I can work with TTMA and see how the
improvement and prosperously growing each year. Go Taiwan Tea! (*A friend later emailed me that he likes the Taiwan Oolong Chanting lead by Josephine!)

2010 World Tea Expo - Behind the Scenes

This year, TTMA applied 10 booths and had planned an attractive design for the booths. Just to see how much works the staff had put up with behind the scenes. Thank you all...

Hand Rolling & Paper Wrapping Demo @ WTE 2010

Taiwan Oolong's hand rolling demonstration was requested by WTE to come back to the Special Events for the second year in a roll. This year, we invited a young tea pro, William Huang to do his performance. William is very excited for got picked by TTMA for this show and he did practice and he feels great after the demo. I believe this will be in his memory for a long long time. Besides the hand rolling demo, we also have another presentation - to demo the traditional Pouchong tea paper wrapping. Pouchong tea is packed in every 4 Taiwan oz in double paper wrapping to preserve its aroma and freshness for over a century. Nowadays, with advanced technique and material, tea packed in small pouch is very popular. However, Taiwan's Pouchong was requested to be packed in small package since tea lovers really hope to enjoy Pouchong with its fresh aroma as much as possible. Frieda and Mao-Sheng, the two young tea pros are having fun for this one.

We feel great that we can always bring something different to the World Tea Expo.
What's next?

Appreciation Ceremony @WTE 2010

A Ceremony of Appreciation (with a touching story) was taken place at the center stage of World Tea Expo at 2:50PM on 6/13/2010. Thanks to the show management to give us the time of using the stage to enhance tea's greatest value - bridging the World.

In August 8, 2009, a tremendously strong typhoon hit Taiwan dreadfully and created extreme and dramatic damage. The casualties were beyond imagination. The hardest hit areas were the central and southern Taiwan…where many many tea gardens are located.

During the arduous and difficult time, Taiwan received great love and compassion from around the world, including our wonderful and kind friends from the tea industry….Mike Spillane/G. S. Haly, Bill Waddington/TeaSource, Robert Krul & Cory Krul/CTC. They generously sent money in need to Taiwan without hesitation.

To express the deepest gratitude and respect from the people of Taiwan, Taiwan Tea Manufacturers’ Association is here to present a plague to Mr. Spillane, Mr. Waddington, Mr. & Mrs. Krul. The plague is just a small token to appreciate the unconditional love to our friends of Taiwan.

(The three gentlemen from Taiwan:
Master Jackson Huang, Senior Adviser of TTMA., Ted Fan, Secretary General of TTMA., and Professor Lynn Lin, International Adviser of Council of Agriculture, Taiwan. )