Thursday, July 31, 2014

What is Azusa Tea Club ?

"Azusa Tea Club" is part of JT & Tea's CommuniTea Service. 

We try to offer this monthly tea meet up with our tea friends and sharing the tea fun and enjoy various tea tastings. 

Please see the past events we have in Azusa Tea Club from the following link:


What about JT & Tea ?

We will begin to post about the Service and Products that offered by JT & Tea.  Sincerely hope our tea friends will get to know us more and continue to give us your best support, as always. 

What is JT & Tea ? Yes, it is Josephine, Thomas and a solid team that committed to bring the best Taiwan Oolongs to our tea lovers. 

We have kept most of our efforts in the documentary blogs -   and     


Double headers in June Meet-Up (6/21/2014)

We have been away from our base since March (Traveled to NY, San Diego, Long Beach). This month our meet-up finally returns to Baldwin Park. We decided to have double headers this time... 
Thomas is covering "How Oolongs started in Taiwan" and Jerry talks about "Environmental condition of Taiwan".