Sunday, February 17, 2013

TEAWARE CHALLENGE: Finding the Right Teapot to Enhance the Taste of Tea (2/16/2013)

Patti Harrison, our good friend, who actually is the first member who has enrolled with Azusa Tea Club since we organized this tea meet up back in December 2010.  We are glad to have her to come up such a good topic.  This is a great experience for most of us.
We might assume and agree before the session, yet her experiments actually give all of us an interesting proof.  The whole session is well presented and not only the volunteers but all our friends interactively cupped and tasted to find the difference from tea to tea, with different teapots...and also different shapes of tea cups...We appreciate Patti's great efforts.  (She did prepare outlines of this presentation, and we will email to everyone after her modification.)
Good luck to everyone, find the right teapot for your favorite tea... The fun journey of tea is long way to go!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Celebrate 2013 Lunar New Year (2/7/2013)

What a great way to celebrate Lunar New Year with community friends!
TUF and San Marino City Library co-sponsor this special tea event on 2/7/2013 evening.  About 70 tea lovers show up on time and they all stay through the workshop.  I can't thank enough to these 4 volunteers who partner with us to present this hands on Tea-One Tasting workshop.

 (From left to right: Joyce, Nancy, Angelica and Ping)
Please enjoy the Youtube video of this tea event, also a slideshow here for your review.

We should give credit to Pasadena Now for the promotion of this event. Also, thanks for the feedback from our friends on this tea workshop:

         My thanks to you and Josephine for having such a wonderful event. I had a great time learning about tea. You make it fun and educational. Also, despite what you say, I think you sing very well. Angelica and I were very impressed. :-)----  Ping Nakkeow
          Thank you Thomas and Josephine! I really enjoyed the tea tasting. I had a ton of fun! 
                                                              ----  Angelica Mata