Thursday, May 28, 2015

CommuniTea by JT & Tea (Festival of Nations, Minnesoda)

Reaching out to the community with Tea-One Tasting!

Josephine and Thomas are invited by our good friend, Bill Waddington, the owner of Tea Source in Minnesoda, to present 'Tea-One Tasting on Taiwan Oolongs' at the 2013 Festival of Nations.  Please enjoy the following video taken from this event. 

CommuniTea @ Festival of Nations, Minnesoda

Get in touch with us for the CommuniTea program.

Friday, May 22, 2015

World Origin Tasting Tour (Taiwan) @ 2015 World Tea Expo

World Origin Tasting Tour is a one day program for tea lovers to 'travel' from one origin to another... 

Within 45 minutes, we have to introduce Taiwan's tea history, geography, tea districts, tea cultivars, and then 4 Specialty Taiwan Oolongs provided by Taiwan Tea Manufacturers' Association are prepared for tasting: Wenshan Pouchong, Alishan Jade, Lishan Amber, and Oriental Beauty, as listed in the WOTT Passport.

Thanks to our good friend, Jane Pettigrew, her warmest support to guide this presentation. Our TTMA team have done an efficient job to make sure every attendee gets the Taiwan tea map and leaflet.  The volunteers in prep room also done a wonderful job to bring the tea according to our schedule and infusion instruction.  It won't be possible without a good team effort.

Josephine has led a chanting before I start my session.  Here is the fun video clip for "We want Taiwan Oolong Tea!"

Show is On - Taiwan Tea @ 2015 World Tea Expo

Another Year!
We are grateful that we get to meet so many tea friends here in Long Beach, California.  Every year World Tea Expo indeed is our reunion, and we are happy that Taiwan Tea is part of this Big Family!

Skill Building Workshop: Tea Baking Basics @ 2015 World Tea Expo

Dr. Jerry Liu of Taiwan Tea Institute has given a wonderful class to help our tea colleagues to stay ahead of others.  The goal is to help individual tea businesses to create Signature Baked Oolong, and also start to introduce Vintage Oolong. 

After the class, we had a brief discussion and we realized that our title for this Skill Building Workshop: Tea Baking Basics is way too humble.  Many tea professionals are here at the World Tea Expo to learn something that they can practically invest, and implement into their businesses.  They are not interested in learning the "Basics".  Maybe we should change the workshop title: Profiting from Tea Baking ?

Focused Tasting: Oolong Sommelier @ 2015 World Tea Expo

Taiwan Tea Institute has finally completed a full training session for "OOLOONG Sommelier".  There are four areas that we want to emphasize, and each will be offered as single workshop with hands on study. 
1.) Theory behinds the Spectrum
2.) Cupping and Grading Oolong
3.) Tasting for Marketing
4.) Serving Programs and Creating Menus

Focused Tasting is a highlight while we are covering the Theory.

I am glad to work with this group at the 2015 World Tea Expo.  I hope we will be able to offer our Skill Building Workshop: Cupping and Grading Oolong by WTE 2016.

Please enjoy the slideshow taken on 5/7/2015 class:

Saturday, May 16, 2015

'Ceremonial Oolong Service' presented by Josephine Pan in 2015 World Tea Expo

We have a stage event during the show hours in 2015 World Tea Expo.
Ceremonial Oolong Service 
This is a new topic, instead of having the Tea Ceremony on the stage, Josephine and I decide to have this program to practically help our tea rooms owners or tea retailers to open up a new avenue for their tea sales.  Working closely with Wedding Planners, Party Coordinators, Event include Ceremonial Oolong Service in their programs.  With the Spectrum of Taiwan Oolong complex in color, aroma, flavor... we believe it is so easy to find perfect Oolong to fulfill these important moments in many's lives.  

Before the presentation, I have this Delightful Rain  to cheer up our audience.

Enjoy the slideshow:

Friday, May 1, 2015

2015 WTE - TTMA Workshops

Color Decoding  
 presented by Lin's Ceramics Studio, Chih-Hsun Chang
Terroir of Taiwan Oolong 
 presented by TTMA, Thomas Shu
Touching Tea Arts 
presented by Ever Flourish Tea, Margie Yang 
Formosa Bonita vs. Oriental Beauty 
presented by TTMA, Thomas Shu