Monday, May 3, 2021

Tea Samples Kit for Remote Tea Classes

Ride on the trend. Take advantage of remote tea education!


JT & Tea Samples Kit - 
This one is for our dealers to offer their online tea tasting sessions with custom prepared Sample Kits.
* Book case, you can have your business card on front cover.
* Select 6 teas that to to be tasted... make your own tea labels.
* Tasting note to be stored in inside cover.


Friday, March 5, 2021

#2021EarlySpringJade (#60487)



3.4.2021 Thursday 
#2021EarlySpringJade (#60487) delivered to Los Angeles this afternoon. 
Cultivar: SiChiChun (*Four Season)
Eco-farming Garden, about 410 meters elevation.
Plucked on 2/17/2021
Processed on 2/18, and lightly baked and refined on 2/19
District: SunPoKung, Nantou, Taiwan
(295° NW, 230°50'23"N 120°37'40"E) 
*Very fresh and good floral, offers a few more infusions

*Limited Edition