Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bopiliao in Wanhua, a place to visit in Taipei!

On 3/27/2010, I got a call from a fellow tea enthusiast, Ah Liang. He invited me to meet him at Bopiliao. I really don't know where it is...but, I am glad that I did make it there to see this place.
Ah Liang has a tea booth there under one old tea room in Wanhua at an earlier time. He did enjoy sharing tea stories there...
大道無門 識茶有路 ─

很高興看到 阿亮識茶之路
幾個好友圍爐喝茶 天南地北 何其容易
但在眾人之前 三言兩語 讓大家駐足傾聽 需要硬實功夫
設計動作玩茶 三點捧杯 成山似品 是個"動手作"好主意
少談玄理 多說故事 從種茶 作茶 賣茶 買茶 送茶 喝茶....去加溫
茶人茶事 無盡趣事 無苦不成甘 有趣方延緣 眾飲乃得慧
台灣好茶 需要更多盡心盡力的投入與推動

喜見茶人阿亮 自覓識茶之路 剝皮寮說故事 是以為誌

Thomas (3/27/2010 Taipei)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tea Master Jackson Huang offered Tea Workshop in Taipei (3/16/2010)

Jackson Huang, Senior Advisor and former President of Taiwan Tea Manufacturers Association, has his tea class on 3/16/2010 for the foreign friends who are newly residing in Taipei. This is the 12th year in a row that he has offered this class which coordinated by Taipei American Community Center.
Per Jackson, there are all sorts of classes available in this program offered to help the new comers of American to get familiar with their new lifestyle in Taipei. Besides AIT, ATS, there are several local big business are supporting this program, and it seems to be gradually open up for more foreigners other than American.
In the class of 3/16, Mr. Huang has a group of 13 ladies: one from Germany, one from Mexico, two from Israel and 9 from United States.
What have they learned in this tea workshop? Jackson said, "There are two sessions, the first half is indoor for learning the tea basics with hands on cupping various Taiwan teas: Green Tea, Black Tea, Pouchong, Oriental Beauty, Jade Oolong. Each participant get to share her own appreciation of the individual tea. The second half is to have a walking tour to visit Taipei's old tea district."
If you are interested in finding more information of Master Huang's tea class, you can call the following number: (02) 2553-7815.