Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Taiwan Tea @ USC /2009 ITASA West

Special thanks to our volunteers: Kathleen, Patricia, Albert and Charles.
On April 4 at USC campus, ITASA 2009 West Coast Conference invites me to offer a session of
Taiwanese Culture Exploration, and I use the "1869 Pon Fon Cha" as a topic to share the history of Taiwan's tea industry...and then we have 4 volunteers to hands on brewing four different kinds of Taiwan Oolongs, plus a demonstration, step by step of making a good cup of tea:

Review the dried tea leaf to determine the right amount of tea to be measured and the right water temperature to be applied.
2. 賞茶舞
When hot water is poured into the brewer, you can enjoy the tea leaves unfurl.
Poetically noted as "The Agony of Leaves." Make sure the tea leaves are fully settled in the inner brewer, then press the button to release the tea into the pitcher below.
3. 聞茶香
Enjoy the aroma seeping from under the brewer's lid.
4. 觀茶色
Check the color and the brightness of the tea.
5. 品茶味
Sip the tea to appreciate it's aroma, flavor, taste, and fine finish.
6. 讀葉底
Examine the brewed leaves to enhance your knowledge about the tea you just drank.

Our volunteers have made several infusions of the four Taiwan Oolongs to serve all students in the classroom who join this Conference from different schools, while Josephine lead all the participants to do the Tea Chanting. What a great event! I believe now they will take tea maybe more often, or not to refuse having a good cup of Taiwan Oolong with their parents, or grandparents...