Tuesday, May 8, 2018

A sign is on JT & Tea's Building (5/4/2018)

This is a story, about "Love and Friendship"...

An iron sign used to be hanged on the wall of an old tea house located in an alley of Taipei's Chungshan N. Road... As a new restaurant was taking over, there laid the cast-iron sign...

this sign traveled and traveled...linked up with a string of friendship...
finally, it is on again... On 5/4/2018, this sign is hanged on JT & Tea's building.

All starts from... our good friend, Jerry Liu's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Michael C Liu noticed the sign having been left behind. They asked the new owner if the sign were being used.  Thinking their sone would find a nice home for it. The new owner stated to please take it. Thus, they hauled the sign up to their flat nearby.  After the return of their son, months later. Jerry asked Norman, Thomas' younger brother, to have it picked and packed in Sha Keng Tea Factory at Hsinchu and then shipped to the US for JT & Tea.

Josephine and I decided to have a new painting job on it with our logo color.  Our good neighbor, a welding shop, is offering his professional service to help mount the sign.

The second day, one of our good friend, Warner came with his high-end cameras to take a series of photos on the sign also our office. 

It is not just a sign, it is Love and Friendship deep in so many good friends' hearts.

We are blessed.      Thank you all!