Monday, June 15, 2009

2006 ITASA West @ UCLA (4/7/2006)

This is the first time I was invited to ITASA's conference. No clue what and how to work with these college students. I decided to have fun with them, so I even show off my Tea Rap! Apparently, tea is a good media to introduce Taiwan's history and culture. Our Taiwan Tea Workshop is getting popular, and lead me to 2007 ITASA West at Stanford, 2009 ITASA East at Duke.

This is the tea rap on Youtube...I bet I can do a much better job now, after so many years' practice. (Thomas 6/15/2009)

Tea Time @ Little Tokyo with TAP/NATWA2/NATMA2 (2/23/2008)

Our good friend, TsuAnn Kuo coordinated with 3 young groups: TAP, NATWA2 and NATMA2 from Taiwanese American community in metro Los Angeles, to co-sponsor this event: Tea Time! It was set at the beautiful Japanese American National Museum in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, on 2/23/2008.
I don't know how these youngsters handle their invitation...We sure have a full house that day. (Many young medical doctors, young business professionals, and outstanding leaders.) Thanks to our two good helpers, owners of Beard Papa, Daishing and Eric, to demo and serve the freshly brewed Iced Earl Grey addition to the 4 Taiwan Oolongs. Josephine lead the crowd together to chant for "Taiwan Oolongs" at the end. Boy, we all enjoyed very much for the gathering!
(*I totally forgot to post this one earlier...Last night, while TsuAnn came back from Taiwan to receive her Award from triggered me that I definitely should post this one on the blog. Please enjoy the slideshow sent in by Ben Lin from TAP. (Thomas 6/15/2009)

Tea Talk at CSULB (9/20/2005)

I found the photos of this event.
Professor Lee taught Asian Culture at Cal Sate University of Long Beach and he thought it will be important to include the tea culture in his program. So we were there on one afternoon to share our Tea-One Tasting Class at this beautiful campus.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Encounter with the outstanding Pouchong 60438

Pouchong 60438 is made by a farmer from Pinglin, Taiwan, where the elevation is about 2,100 ft high. Chin Sin cultivar, hand plucked, and approximately 12% oxidized, Pouchong 60438 is produced on April 20, 2009. Luscious floral aroma and full fragrance in the cup. Very soothing and pleasant. The tea farmer, Mr. Wang, could only spare 5 lbs of this tea to me. After few rounds of tastings with our good friends, there are only 11 tins/2 oz sealed tins available. (Thomas 6/12/2009)

For bigger pictures, click on the photos to review.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Culture Exhibition @ Museum X, Pomona, CA (5/30/2009)

It is a great honor to particpate the opening ceremony for the Overseas Culture Exhibition at Musium X in city of Pomona, California. This is a touring exhibition of fine arts and crafts by many artists who are from Taiwan, Japan, Canada and United States. The person in charge, Mrs. Sheow-Hwey Chang is a member of our First Taiwan Oolong Study Tour, and who invited us to have a tea tasting class at St. Louis back on April 2008. We admired her hard efforts to make this exhibition indeed so successful. When she called Josephine about having Taiwan Oolongs Tasting during the opening ceremony...we simply can't say NO. We are glad TUF and Hakka Elite Foundation are both key sponsors for this event. Most of all, the owner of Museum X, Mr. and Mrs. Echo Lew, are very generous to offer the brand new facility for this event. Echo himself is a famous artist and we are so glad to see his passion and generous idea to bring this new attraction for our coomunity! On the great afternoon of 5/30/2009, we have seen so many friends there at the Opening Celebration, including the Mayor of Pomona and severa mayors from neighboring cities.
Way to go ! Sheow-Hwey and Nami !