Saturday, June 16, 2018

2018 TUF Cultural Night, very tea-flavored evening (6/16/2018)

In a very tea-flavored evening, 2018 TUF Culture Night, taken place on 6/16 @Almansor Court in city of Alhambra, featuring a Keynote:
" Made in Taiwan: Food Safety, Ecology, Technology. "

Our speaker, Steven Teng and his associate, Frank Lin from Taiwan Tea Corporation, came all the way from Taiwan after a presentation in #2018WorldTeaExpo and then invited by TUF to share with our SoCal Taiwanese community this new tea project TTC is working on... Laopi Tea Farm, insights into a World-Class Taiwanese tea agricultural venture.

Many guests from SoCal Tea family, as well.
Honorable Swarna G. (Consul General of Sri Lanka),
Reena Shah from ITI, also the Devan Shah Los Angeles Interantional Tea Festival,
Amit Mehta from Chado Tea India,
Teresa Green, Wes Cowen, Henry Y Huang from Azusa Tea Club,
Patti Harrison from Pasadena Tea Festival,
Kai and David Oredugby from NYA Tea....
Thank you all for supporting our community event!


I hope you enjoy the Open Tea Bar, where our volunteers serve 4 Hot teas and also Boba Milk Tea.


The Puppet Show Figures Exhibition by Rex Yu is such an enhancement of this Taiwan Cultural Night.


Molding Taiwan's New Culture, this is indeed a wonderful evening for our community.
TUF rocks! Committee team and volunteers amazingly make this event happened within very short time! And, we are hearty thankful to all the sponsors and the guests !


Thursday, June 14, 2018

World Tea Expo 2018 @ Las Vegas (6/12-14/2018)

1) Show Floor -  (*great to meet with many tea friends, customers, and vendors...)


2) Origins Tasting Tour (*One of the best designed tea educational program in World Tea Expo)

3) Laopi Tea Farm - Insights into a World-Class Taiwanese Tea Adventure.  ( JT & Tea invites GS Haly Co. to co-sponsor this special presentation in 2018 World Tea Expo. The presentation done by Steven Teng, Tea Project Manager of Taiwan Tea Corp.)


4) Oolong-Sense: The strategy and tactics to promote Oolong in your tea buseiness.
    A special training course that JT & Tea has offered.