Saturday, December 26, 2015

We do wedding favors!

Taiwan Oolong is such a wonderful choice for Wedding Favors project!

Josephine and her Giftea Team will make sure newly weds will be happy and proud to present their party favors at the Big Moments of theirs!

Besides Wedding Favors, Birthday Party Favors, Business Gifteas, and many Celebratory Occasions... We can work for your projects effectively!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Afternoon Tea of our Christmas 2015

Our afternoon tea of Christmas Day 2015 -
What do we have here ?

Paoli Tung-Ting 80458 that I baked 10 days ago...
paired with yummy Cream Puff that Karen made (*with custard & strawberry filling).

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Oh! My PonFonCha! (Hakka Tea Song)

"Shouldering Buckets" is a popular Taiwan Hakka folk song, often to be happily sung while Hakka friends are working very hard...a typical Taiwan Hakka spirit!

I am shouldering buckets (Hey! Hey!)
with a bamboo pole (Ho He Hey!)
Carrying the bamboo pole from the middle (Hey! Hey!)
and both ends drop.

Just about two weeks ago at our Hakka Toastmasters Meeting, I changed the lyrics and use it to appreciate my favorite tea - "Oriental Beauty".
Here it is:

"Oh! My PonFonCha!"

It is tea time (Hey! Hey!)
I will like to have a cup of PonFonCha (Ho He Hey!)
One sprout and two tender leaves are floating...
Oh! I am fond of its unique taste!

Green leaf hoppers (Hey! Hey!)
visited our tea garden (Ho He Hey!)
Provided the natural honey touch in the cup,
so no other teas can compare to it.
It is my favorite...PonFonCha.

(sing in Hakka Taiwanese)
飲茶要飲囉 (Hey! Hey!)
膨風茶 呐 (Ho He Hey!)
飲落喉囉 介 著一驚 吶

綠色介浮塵子 (Hey! Hey!)
來訪問 吶 (Ho He Hey!)
無得比啊 介 膨風茶 吶

Click on this youtube by TeaGuy on 2011 World Tea Expo

Friday, December 11, 2015

Taiwan Oolong Tea Songs

Over a very easy weekend (*which is indeed hard to get for us...), I have re-edited some of the following tea songs' lyrics.

1.) Wenshan Pouchong:

             ( Youtube link )

2.) Jade Oolong:

3.) Classic Tung-Ting:
           ( Youtube Link )

4.) Amber Oolong: TieGuanYin:
            ( Youtube Link  )

5.) Oriental Beauty:
            ( Youtube Link )

6.) Taitung Oolong:
           ( Youtube Link  )

7.) Formosa Bonita:
              ( Youtube Link )