Sunday, April 22, 2018

JT & Tea 2018 Spring Oolong Tasting (4/21/2018)

We've planned this event as we don't get to exhibit and offer some tasting for our community tea friends at the 2nd Pasadena Tea Festival in March.

Saturday, 4/21, 2-4:30pm at our Cupping Studio in Baldwin Park, CA.

We start tasting the 2018 Early Spring Jade Oolong from Nantou.  (*This one was harvested and made on 3/14/2018.  I hand carried back just for our tea friends to enjoy the freshest Jade.)

Followed by Josephine's tea talk:  (*while I am making the next 3 Oolongs for tasting)

"The Technology I have seen in TTC's Laopi Farm Project on my 3/12/2018 visit."

After the tea talk, we got the first Oolong Flight #JT-301,
Milk Oolong, Jin Suang cultivar from Taitung
Classic Tung-Ting, Jin Sien cultivar from Nantou
FB: 78, Formosa Bonita, Chinsing Dahpan cultivar from Taoyuan

Plus a Bonus Tasting of 4 classic choices from TTC's Daxi Tea Factory:
Pouchong / Oriental Beauty / Formosa Bonita / Ruby 18

We always have a good time with tea friends gathered over the tea tasting and chatting.  Josephine also displays some of her personal collection.  And, by the way, every participant gets a Personal Cupping Sets with Registration.

We are so happy to take this opportunity to get to use my draft for Cupping Placemat that I am designing and will be using on the World Origin Tasting Tour (Taiwan) also in my Oolong Class in 2018 World Tea Expo.  There are a few improvements to be made, and grateful to the Team-Efforts.

When will be our next Tasting?
Very possible it will be June 16th (Saturday, Father's Day Eve) - We are working on it!
Could be a Joint-Event: "Father's Day Afternoon Tea" followed by TUF's Banquet Party.
Details will be posted.