Sunday, April 21, 2013

Enjoy 2013 Spring Pouchong while sharing our recent trip to Kagoshima (4/20/2013)

Josephine is indeed a good story teller...She shares those photos she took in our recent trip to Kagoshima, Japan. We all got to taste the 2013 Spring Crop Wenshan Pouchong served by Karen while everyone is excited to learn about Kagoshima tea. Our compare cupping today is to have 4 Kagoshima Green Teas made from different cultivars:
Karen has prepared the water all in 170, and use 3 grams for 3 minutes for first infusion, and the second infusion with one minute steeping, we mixed the first and second infusion for everyone to cup. This is a great study and be able to hear different comments in aroma, flavor and finsih...from our friends about these cultivars. We will have a few more experiences to seek our direction for the new project with Kagoshima Tea.