Monday, October 15, 2012

Taiwan Tea Appreciation with Students from Freshman Tea Class at Monmouth University

We are pleased and very honored to share with you the slideshow of Taiwan Tea Appreciation Class that offered by Kirsten Kristensen to the studens from Freshman Tea Class at Monmouth University on 10/15/2012.
Kirsten has participated our Taiwan Oolongs Study Tour program twice, on 2009 and 2011 respectively.  She published her own magazine "The World of Tea" and dedicate the 2010 Summer issue for "Focus on Taiwan".   We are really proud of her and are so grateful for her great efforts to help promote Taiwan tea and tea culture. 
Kirsten also has shared with the students her unique collection...tea pillow.  Here is something she told me, "I showed the students my tea pillow stuffed with Baozhong Oolong tea and said the Taiwanese students would sleep on it to get better grades! They were amazed with the fragrance and texture. Remember I bought it last year; now it is full! (Mainly from our personal consumption!)  I just dried the tea after we had used it (instead of composting it). " 

We have a YouTube film for this Taiwan Tea Aprreciation

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

2012 Northwest Tea Festival (Taiwan Oolong Tasting)

I am grateful to our good friend, also a 3 time TOST trip member of ours, Mr. Ken Rudee of Rudee Enterprise, Inc.  While we have a difficult schudule, Ken is so generous to offer his helping hand to lead a wonderful Taiwan Oolong tasting session during the 2012 Northwest Tea Festival in Seattle, WA.  Northwest tea market is growing steadily due to this organization, Puget Sound Tea Education Association, who continuously brings the tea festival and offering in-depth tea educational programs to our tea lovers. 
(*details can be reviewed: )                                            Please enjoy a short Youtube film for this tea event...

Monday, October 1, 2012

Taiwan tea @ TUF 2012 Culture Night

Taiwan Tea is featured in 2012 TUF Culture Night !

On September 15, 2012 at the Pacific Palms Resort in Industry City, California, TUF is having its Culture Night - the theme for this year's event is "Made in Taiwan - Food Safety, Ecology and Technology" and the keynote speaker is Mr. Luis Ko of Taiwan I-Mei Foods.  We thought this will be a great opportunity for Taiwan tea and tea culture to be included in the program.  In those Center Gift Baskets that set on each table for lucky guests to take home, we have prepared the TUF logo ware with Taiwan tea contained...also we make sure the banquet will serve our Taiwan Jade Oolong through out the night.  There is an exhibition during 4:30 to 6PM at the Hotel lobby - we also have a Taiwan Tea booth to display 6 specialty Taiwan Oolongs for the guests to every half an hour, we offer different teas for samplings.  It is indeed a very fruity event.
We are grateful to those students volunteers from PCC - TASA  and also Karen Shu from Azusa Tea Club has done a classy design for such a short time exhibition.
We have great honor that Mr. Luis Ko did visit ABC TEA during his L.A. trip... Thanks to TUF for bringing a marvelous culture night to our community.  We know the fermentation of this Culture Night will remain.