Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Super T-Day ! (12/6/2016)

JT & Tea's cupping studio is having a super busy day!

We have three groups of visitors. Tea time, one after another!

I) In the morning, a few friends here to pick the teas for Holidays Giftea Project.  Ends up we are working out on selecting one Jade Oolong and one Formosa Bonita.

II) After lunch, three tea friends are here to discuss tea business and designing tea educational program for the 2017.  Mr. James Norwood Pratt, a renowned tea master and popular author of tea books., Mr. Sanjay Guha, a famous Darjeeling tea specialist also successful tea business strategist, and they are accompanied by Mr. Dhavin Shah, the CFOO of International Tea Importers (ITI).

Followed by the discussion...we then have two rounds of tea fun:
First round: to cup 7 Beauties of Taiwan Oolong.
Second round: to taste the three teas that I have recently developed with my Taiwan Tea Institute team. 

(*Sensei Pratt generously shares his comments on these 7 Beauties...)

(7 Beauties show various appearances, colors, aroma, flavors and finishes...  
       Bhavin and Sanjay are checking the aroma, also recording the beautiful dancing leaves... )

 (After the cupping, we have another round of tasting three teas 
Taiwan Tea Institute has recently developed...
 We believe in Affordable/Available Quality Oolongs
from Eco-farming gardens will be here to stay.)

III) Ms. Jeni Dodd, the one and only Dodd that I know besides Mr. John Dodd, shows up after our office hour.  She is visiting from Manhattan and helps out at the Los Angeles Tea Festival.  We do have some good study on the teas that I brought back from my recent Taiwan trip, and sip my signature baked Buddha's Palm while having some catch up.  When JD meets with JP, there are always non-stop laughter.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Los Angeles International Tea Festival (12/3-4/2016)

Once a year, JT & Tea has its tea for Tea Festival visitors to purchase.  And there are quite a few repeat customers always stop by early to make sure that they can have what they are waiting for.  Good to meet these tea friends at the Los Angeles International Tea Festival every year.

Besides having our booth, Josephine and I also have offered two sessions of workshops to share with tea enthusiasts who want to learn more about Taiwan Oolongs.  On 12/3, we do World Tea Origin Tour (Taiwan) -

And, on the 12/4, we have Taiwan Oolong Sommelier Class introduction: