Saturday, November 14, 2020

2020 Holiday Joy Blend - White Tip Oolong (#21908)

 JT & Tea's annual Holiday Joy Blend for year of 2020 is officially announced and released.

This year, we select Formosa Bonita: 78  (Chinsing Dahpan cultivar) from Taoyuan, Taiwan.,
and a few unique 2020 Darjeeling Second Flush, intend to create a Limited Edition, White Tip Oolong.

After more than a dozen adjustments... Finally we've come to the very formula to proceed this limited blend, total 100 lbs, on Nov.12.2020.
Honey touch with ripe starfruit flavor on the undertone and muscatel aroma... 
Like... a Meritage Oolong.


For personal enjoyment or for Holidays Giftea - we have two different packages.
All packed in Net 2oz.  
Bulk Loose by 1 LB foil pouch, also available for dealers only.

For a wonderful 2020 Holidays Season... to your family and friends...

Treat yourself and family this Holiday Joy Blend...