Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The 4th Sha Keng Tea MeetUp (1/12/2013)

I am glad that tea colleagues in Taiwan are taking their weekend to have meet up for cupping and discussion.  This is the 4th gathering that called by Norman Shu and TTMA's board directors.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

"The Language of Experience: Subtleties in Teas" by Jeffrey Lorien (1/19/2013)

This is a full house meet up event for our Azusa Tea Club.  Jeffrey Lorien, the founder of Zhi Tea, comes all the way from Austin, Tx to share with our tea friends this good topic.  We have tasted 4 Amber Oolong with his special approach - Jeffrey encourages our friends to find partner, to taste tea together and share the feeling... Do find these interesting experiences among our tea friends from the following slideshow. 
Azusa Tea Club has many good topics...and we are excited that our RSVP filled up soon every time.

A tea workshop for home school kids (1/10/2013)

"Can you give a tea class to a bunch home school students?"  This is an invitation long before our trip of 2012 TOST by a friend of ours, who has great heart for his nephew's home school children.
Here we come to the house in Monterey Park, California, with 7 students and their parents waiting for a tea workshop.
Ends up, we have learned a lot from these well educated and good disciplined home school kids.  Their confidence level are high, and very interactive during our tea workshop.  Please enjoy the slideshow.
We got a bonus to get entertained by the Chen's family band also a tour to their back yard that has tree houses and fun adventures... afterward.   This experience changes my idea about home school.

Tea-One Tasting Demonstration (1/19/2013)

On 1/19/2013 - we have our Azusa Tea Club's meet up - and there are two 2012 TOST members are here to meet with our tea friends.  Jeffrey Lorien, the founder of Zhi Tea, is the presenter.  Jeni Dodd is here to support Jeffrey and also a reunion with us.   I have thought of taking this opportunity to give them a demonstration of "Tea-One Tasting Class" after our meet up.  (*Special thanks to a few friends who stayed the extra hour to help out on this session.)

Tea-One:  designed for our tea professionals to offer a first tea experience to the newbies, and a great tool for out reach to his/her tea community.
Tea-One:  also, trying to take one step ahead to all the basics about tea via a hands on workshop instead of lecturing or simple tasting.
The setup and the apparatus are all very practical along the whole process.  The volunteers and the audience are also interactively linked through out the whole class.
We can use the same format, with different set Topic with various group of teas selected for the special targeted audience...always can be effectively delivered.  Horizontal or vertical Tea-One Tasting are so flexible and powerful.
There are 6 steps involved, from examining the leaf, prepare for the infusion, to enjoy the aroma,
appreciate the tea liquid, taste the tea, all the way to read the wet leaf to enhance the knowledge about tea.  It is a fun journey yet very much to guide our tea lovers with full extension of 4 S in tea tasting:
See, Smell (Sniff), Sip, Sense.

I hope this Tea-One Tasting Class will help many more friends to get to learn about tea and find that enjoy tea with expertise is truly a fun lifestyle.