Monday, May 23, 2022

2022 Father's Day Giftea


Father’s Day Giftea-
Get father a gadget and a fine Jade Oolong.
Make this Father's Day more fun, happily...
One tin of 2022 Spring Jade, (2 oz. for 20+ infusions)
and an easy Uniq-Brew, (enjoy the leaf unfurling and experience of 
separating leaf and tea liquid after a perfect infusion. )

Gift Presented in an elegant red wood finished chest.
Limited Edition.
For JT & Tea Selected Dealers.
*Group Purchase also welcome !


Monday, May 9, 2022

Ceremonial Tea Service before Official Wedding


4.25.2022 Monday morning 
Over the weekend, watched quite a few NBA games… then this ‘Ceremonial Tea Service’ for a beautiful Wedding is the highlight. 
Not to perform a Tea Ceremony to entertain families and guests…It is a meaningful Ceremonial Tea Service before the new couples have their official Wedding Ceremony.
It started early from last year, Josephine has to shop the proper tea ware with Bride’s mom together and shipped it over from Taiwan. 
Glad that everything went very smoothly and the happy and lucky couples received all the best blessings from both bride’s and groom’s parents and families. 
There are many sayings about the tradition of Ceremonial Tea Service before the Wedding. To me, witness Bride and Groom thank to their parents…not necessary to say Goodbye and Welcome for Bride from one family to another... It is more a commitment that two families now become ONE big family for the good couples. From now on, both bride and groom will learn how to make good teas to cheer up the whole family.

Tuesday, April 12, 2022


      Quart size filter bag to make one liter Iced Tea, 
      fast and easy.
      Serve with Pitcher or Glass Bottle. 
      Perfect for Party or Gathering.

SKU#16822  Formosa Oolong
        #16823  Jasmine Green 
20 Quart Size Filter Bag (Net 7.5g each) in a resealable package.
12 packages in one case.
Hot Infusion:  Add 500 ml rolling boiled water over a filter bag in the pitcher.
Steeped for 5 minutes and add the ice cubes to serve.
Cold Brew: Add one liter water over a filter bag, leave in fridge for 4 hours to serve.

For Party or Gathering, suggest to use Glass bottles and stem ware to serve the
Gourmet Iced Tea of yours.



Saturday, April 2, 2022

#2022 Mother's Day Special - Amber Beauty


'Amber Beauty'

Cultivar: Chinsing Dahpan.
Estate: Henshan, Hsinchu, Taiwan
Original Crop: 2011 Spring
Signature Bake: 3.26-29,2022 for 72 hours.
Rested and stabilized for another 72 hours.

 *25-40% oxidized                                                    ball-leaf                          

Made from broad, thick leaves, the baking of this Oolong requires 

a tremendous effort of a master’s special technique, with 

continuous practice. This tea can often be enjoyed infusion after 

infusion.   Very floral and nutty sweet.



Tuesday, March 1, 2022

#2022 EarlySpringJade (#60487)


2.28.2022 Monday
#2022 EarlySpringJade (#60487) delivered to Los Angeles this afternoon. 
Cultivar: SiChiChun (*Four Season)
Eco-farming Garden, about 410 meters elevation.
Plucked on 2/8/2022
Processed on 2/8, wrapped rolling and dried on 2/9.
Refined and lightly baked on 2/10.

District: SunPoKung, Nantou, Taiwan
(28° NE, 230°50'23"N 120°37'30"E) 
*Very fresh and good Ginger Lily floral, easily offers a few more infusions.

*Limited Edition.

Sunday, February 13, 2022

"Together Forever Tea"

Dear Friends:

Have you watched this movie
‘Together Forever Tea’ ?
(*A great story, entertaining movie. See how a tea sommelier appreciates a cup of tea… )

Have you ever tasted your
‘Together Forever Tea’ ?

On 3/22/2022 evening event @ #2022WorldTeaExpo
Josephine and I will serve an excellent choice, Alishan Pearl 1314, ONLY for the lucky registrants.

This is the one that we enjoy so much, and it is indeed our “Together Forever Tea’.

1314 - in Mandarin, means "Forever and Ever".
This tea happens to be from the very garden’s altitude 1314-meter high in Alishan. ( * #TOST2018 / #TOST2019 members all have good walks there.)

Tuesday, February 8, 2022