Thursday, June 29, 2017

Get ready for #TOST2017 !

Every time looks at this little hard-working fountain on our counter... it always inspires us and reminds ourselves that 'Tea Education' is a non-stopped effort...

There are two different dimensions: Professional training and consumer outreaches.
After #2017WorldTeaExpo, we are now focusing on a few regional tea festivals, staff training for customers, also our #CommuniTeaService to offer oolong tastings in our local library, museum and tea shops...

And, here comes the next big one in October - Celebrate our 10th Anniversary trip of #TOST2017 ( ) We are very excited and feel most ready this year!

With Dr. Liu and our advisors from #TaiwanTeaInstitute , we finally put together Oolong-Sense,  which will make our hands on educational trip with solid information to back up our study. Every move in the plantation at various districts with different cultivars, on the plucking, during the process...and the craftsmanship to complete an intricate infusion... there are so many 'Why' in our minds when we're working and studying along the trip....and now we are more comfortable and able to discuss each 'Why' with the 'Answer'.   

Knowledge is key for tea marketing and promotion... For those who already signed up for #TOST2017, we can't wait to learn together with you during 10/19-26/2017.

7 Beauties from Taiwan to 2016 World Tea Expo

Thanks to our good friend, Johnny Tu, patiently taped these 5 videos:
'Taiwan Oolong @ ITI Workshop' back in 2016 World Tea Expo.

What an honor to work with Tea-cher, Mr. James Norwood Pratt, to share the 7 Beauties from by one...