Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tea Workshop @ MIT (2010 ITASA East Coast )

We recived this honorable invitation by ITASA East to have Taiwan Tea Workshop since its last conference at Duke back on 2/1009. It is indeed very hard for me to say no to come to Boston where the incident happend in 1773 that leads to the Independence of this great country. Not only I can have another chance to meet up with a bunch of good students who will participate the conference of 2010 ITASA East, also for me to visit MIT/Harvard and many schools that I have longed for.

This tea workshop designed to highlight 4 of Taiwan's Specialty Oolongs:
Pouchong, Gaoshancha, Oriental Beauty and Charcoal Baked Tie-Guna-Yin. A horizontal tea tasting focused on learning the basic of itentifying different teas and how to brew them properly with the right amount of leaf, right temperature of heated water, and right infusing time. Each tea requires different combination to make it a perfect cup. The discipline is there and the secret is to have your own experience to hands on brewing. JP and I are trying to make sure our audience will have fun during the process. No Fun No Fan! We do hope some of these new friends of ours will actually pick up drinking tea after the class...and they might start their own pursuit of fine Taiwan Oolongs in their next visit to the motherland of their parents.
(*For more information about our tea education, maybe your can visit this link: )

Thanks to so many hard working crew: Christine, Stephanie, Anna, Taffanie, Ginger...we enjoyed our visit and we are glad that we have had a good workshop with so many young elite from various schools. The four volunteers who helped the hands on brewing: Jiali, PJ, Jisoo, and Cindy are excellent. I believe they are the ones who benefit the most.