Friday, March 5, 2021

#2021EarlySpringJade (#60487)



3.4.2021 Thursday 
#2021EarlySpringJade (#60487) delivered to Los Angeles this afternoon. 
Cultivar: SiChiChun (*Four Season)
Eco-farming Garden, about 410 meters elevation.
Plucked on 2/17/2021
Processed on 2/18, and lightly baked and refined on 2/19
District: SunPoKung, Nantou, Taiwan
(295° NW, 230°50'23"N 120°37'40"E) 
*Very fresh and good floral, offers a few more infusions

*Limited Edition


The Path to the World of Tea


On March 1, 2021 - 

I am honored to be recognized being a part of World Tea Academy's Strategic Technical Advisors team.

I love tea and tea industry.  Taiwan Oolong is not big in quantity but essential when tea lovers are seeking tea knowledge. Learn from the most interesting Taiwan Oolong will enhance your expertise to cover most tea categories.