Thursday, May 23, 2013

Taiwan Oolongs @ Saint Louis (5/18/2013)

Josephine and I were invited by Friends of Taiwan, Greater St. Louis to have Taiwan Oolongs Tasting at the remarkable St. Louis Science Center on 5/18/2013.   Thanks to our volunteers who helped us to do the hands on tea infusion and involved in our Q&A.  (From left: Pam, Dr. Tsai, Dustin, and Dr. Chu.)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tea Source's Month of Taiwan (May, 2013) Taiwan Oolong Workshop (5/6/2013)

We are so honored to be invited to offer our Taiwan Oolong workshop for Tea Source and to be featured as the highlight of Tea Source' "Month of Taiwan".  The audience as the owner of Tea Source said, are very different from the crowd we have at the FON.  These attendees are more in tea for a while and they are here to learn  more about Taiwan tea and the culture also the story behind each tea.

The 5th Meet Up of Sha Keng Tea Club

Norman Shu has done this one again and it is getting very positively involved from Tea Professionals both TTMA and TCTMA... I hope maybe on my next trip back to Taiwan, I will be lucky enough to participate their MeetUp.  Taiwan tea professionals can get chance to see and cup different teas from different countries and also can compare and appreciate the Terriors of the different Origins.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Minnesota Festival of Nations (5/5/2013)

 Sunday (5/5/2013), we are having our second Taiwan Oolong workshop at the Festival.  This time, the show management team has prepared a great sound system for us.  It is rather easier...and many friends are actually attracted to our stage area while our program is moving along.  Josephine leads the chanting with all loud and a lot of fun!   "Taiwan Oolong, the best tea!" that message is well delivered in the FON 2013!
I am grateful to Tea Source owner Mr. Bill  Waddington for all his service.  Good to have the volunteers who help us to make tea on the front table.  Audrey, Kelsey, Jeff and Megan.  Thank you all!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Taiwan Oolong Workshop at the 2013 Minnesota Festival of Nations (5/4/2013)

Josephine and I were invited to offer Taiwan Oolong Workshops in 2013 Minnesota Festival of Nations.  Before our arrival, we have no clue at all about the FON.  But, we immediately fall in love with this event and the big crowd that are abundance of various ethnic culture meet up under one big roof.  We are so glad to be able to share our Taiwan tea and also Taiwanese culture here with many friends!  This is on May 4th, our first workshop. We will have our second show on 5/5 (Sunday) as well.
Thanks to our good friend also the store manager of Tea Source in St. Paul, Lisa to take these great photos for us while we are working hard for the presentation.  Hearty appreciation to Mr. Bill Waddington, owner of Tea Source, who has put up so much efforts to make this tea event happen. Of course, we are grateful to Taiwanese American Association in the Twin Cities who are our sponsor and give us their best support here at the Festival of Nations.  Look at our volunteers they are not only helpful...they show tea is really a good bridge that link up the World!  (Thank yo guys, Marina, Judy, Norman and Joshwa --- you have made my day in FON !!)
Oh, did I forget Steve and Michael...and so many friends from the FON's management team... thank you all for the great stage and also very nice PA system...