Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Pouchong (包種) Bullseye (包中) PauTsong (包粽)


Pouchong (包種)
Bullseye (包中)
PauTsong (包粽)
Why these three to be tighten together?
Once upon a time, there was a professor prepared enough Sachets for his class' final examination. Every sachet contains Pouchong Pure tea leaf, and he hangs one for every student before entering into the classroom... Professor believes Pouchong Pure's aroma will help clear their minds, and focusing on the examination.
With smile, Professor encourages his students without saying good luck.
My mom used to make many TsongTses with good stuffing... and she will bundle up every certain counts for each of us to bring to schools and make sure we share them with our classmates.
Good stuffs and good blessings are always to be sharing…
Hakka 3 Line Poem: