Sunday, May 20, 2012

Indulge in Excellence: Taiwan Oolong @ Azusa Tea Club (5/19/2012)

Azusa Tea Club's May meet up is a pure tasting... so we will do the tea infusion for our friends to taste 6 different Taiwan Oolongs, one after another.  This is indeed a treat to all from Taiwan Tea Manufacturers' Association.  These samples are sent here for forwarding to World Tea Expo 2012 to be used on World Origin Tasting Tour.  I got a bit of each sample to be tasted in our Azusa Tea Club.    We have a lot of comments sharing while having great fun together.  (*I think most of our friends rate Oriental Beauty and Amber Oolong the highest remarks...)

"Tea 101 & Tea Ritual" - workshop @ UCLA (5/17/2012)

"Bruins for Taiwan" a student club in UCLA invites Josephine and me to have a tea session with their club member as one of the activities of their Taiwanese American Heritage Week Celebration.  Even though we have so many things required to be done before the 2012 World Tea Expo... Josephine suggests that we should not disappoint the students.  So there we go.

We have two sections, the first half to share the tea basics on tea's classification (green, black and oolong), tea bush, tea leaf and the process... So, JP did prepare the fresh tea leaves that cut from our little Azusa Tea Garden (in Azusa Mountain Cove), and also the samples of green tea, black tea and oolong tea for the attendees to examine and easy to learn.   Our second half is to have the volunteers to come up to the stage to hands on preparing tea... Among the 6 Oolongs,  Michael picks Amber Oolong to use Gaiwan type Travel tea set to make tea...; Agnes uses Travel Set "Tea for Two" to demo Jade Oolong...; and Jeff demos how to use Bamboo Whisk to prepare Micro-Green Tea 300 in a wine glass...  They are making more teas to serve all our attendees in the class to enjoy a wonderful afternoon together.  Please see the slideshow below:

We need to recognize Ginny Wu, a sophomore, who's the founder of this young club - Bruins for Taiwan... and also thank her and a few of core members there to help out for this event.

Oh, one more thing..., JP actually just returned from Taiwan at the previous night.  In order .to keep her to overcome the jet lag... Leading the students to do a chanting isn't a bad idea.
Here is one video clip for your fun watching: