Monday, November 26, 2012

A long day of tea Josephine Pan on 11/17/2012

November 2012 Azusa Tea Club's meet up was set on 11/17 and it's sort of short notice to our friends. Since Josephine and I just returned from our 2012 Taiwan Oolongs Study Tour program, we thought it might be a good idea to share the still-very-fresh slideshow of one particular day (10/24/2012) while our TOST members having a long day of hands on making Alishan Jade Oolong at Ruili, Jiayi County.
The leaves plucked from tea garden, and turned out to be in our cups to be sipped...this journey might take different process subject to what kind of tea we plan to make.  Jade Oolong in Taiwan usually takes two working days to finish up.  The first day ends when the leaves were pan-fired, finished the first rolling and drying... The leaves will then get an overnight rest...while our members also can take a break.   Our day began at 7:30am and ended at 11:45PM (due to good weather, we got
lucky to have our leaves withered outdoor, and then moved indoor for continuous withering, and is smooth and a bit faster than previous year we were here.)  By watching the slideshow tha Josephine presents and explains,  I also got to refresh my memory of that particular day.

Karen served the tea we made at Wang-Ting, (Mr. Wang is very nice to helped us finish up the canvas wrapped rolling, also lightly baked our tea before pack in 2 oz/pouches for our members.) to our Azusa Tea Club friends...we also prepared two of Wang-Ting's Spring Crop - 2012 Alishan Jade Oolong - one made from Chinsing Oolong cultivar, one from Jin Suang cultivar.
(*You can order these two we have packed them for our friends' Holidays Sipping.)  Simply send a private message to Thomas Shu over facebook....

From the photos, you might see Thuy, one of our members, help use Gongfu style to make tea for us.

In addition to these nice Jade Oolong we cupped and tasted on 11/17, our friends are lucky to sip the 2012 Summer Crop Oriental Beauty (*a little bit sample as gift to me from a great tea master...I hope this tea will win him award from the tea contest...Boy it will be extremely expensive...then)

Holiday Season is here... we believe more and more tea lovers are looking for fine tea for themselves and their beloved.  Sip more...and spread the love!


Please click on YouTube Movie to see the action.