Thursday, January 1, 2009

Fortune can be found when given a little luck

When the global economic is down...
we have been thinking for our business partners...especially for their
business promotion during the hard time.
How do you cheer your customers up?
How do you show that you're the one they can rely on...
Here is a small token for you:
A golden colored Yuan-Bow (Nugget) saved in a ceramic steamer,
packaged with an organza bag.
Yuan-Bow can be used as a paper weight, while the steamer can double as an air tight caddy or a little trinket box. You can have your logo imprinted on the steamer to make sure your message is delivered! (*we wish your Money and Investing continuously growing...)
We have take one more step:
Two lucky steamers in one nice gift box, one with the goleden nugget and one filled with fine tea for celebrating Wealth and Wellness!

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