Friday, May 15, 2009

Los Angeles River Clean-Up

We've been participating Annual Los Angeles River Clean-Up since 2004. Later on 2006, our team, Taiwanese American Heritage Week Committee, decided to take charge for a new section - Lower Compton Creek, where not many people there yet. We feel that we will make it and we can make it to get many more friends from local community and other organizations to chip in.
It is exciting to see so many people committed to show up every year. It is even more exciting to see how the public awareness of taking care our environment.
We made it as an educational field trip for our TA community, including our family and relatives...and we have prepared snacks and raffle prizes at the end...there are many good photos that really fill up with good memories. I hope more and more people will join us next year. It is always set on on the Saturday morning before Mother's Day. Great meaning, isn't it?

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