Monday, June 1, 2009

Culture Exhibition @ Museum X, Pomona, CA (5/30/2009)

It is a great honor to particpate the opening ceremony for the Overseas Culture Exhibition at Musium X in city of Pomona, California. This is a touring exhibition of fine arts and crafts by many artists who are from Taiwan, Japan, Canada and United States. The person in charge, Mrs. Sheow-Hwey Chang is a member of our First Taiwan Oolong Study Tour, and who invited us to have a tea tasting class at St. Louis back on April 2008. We admired her hard efforts to make this exhibition indeed so successful. When she called Josephine about having Taiwan Oolongs Tasting during the opening ceremony...we simply can't say NO. We are glad TUF and Hakka Elite Foundation are both key sponsors for this event. Most of all, the owner of Museum X, Mr. and Mrs. Echo Lew, are very generous to offer the brand new facility for this event. Echo himself is a famous artist and we are so glad to see his passion and generous idea to bring this new attraction for our coomunity! On the great afternoon of 5/30/2009, we have seen so many friends there at the Opening Celebration, including the Mayor of Pomona and severa mayors from neighboring cities.
Way to go ! Sheow-Hwey and Nami !

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