Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mini Tea Tour at Taipei (7/4/2009)

Glad to meet my classmates and their family & friends on 7/4/2009 at Taipei.
We did walk around Taipei's old business district - from the Da-Tao-Cheng Harbor, to the first Taipei street for Traders - Guede Street; Along the Taipei's first Wholesalers' street - Dihua Street; and then passed by Taipei's first Retails/Jewelries/Entertainments Street - Yenpin N. Road...there are many tea shops still remain in tea business, but a lot more were converted to many other industries and contribute Taiwan's economic development. Boys...that was a hot sunny day to walk around...
There are some photos taken at Ning Sia Road. My sister Susan is very glad to meet all our classmates there...(Try to test yourself to identify who's who...)
Thanks to Amy Chen (Lao-Chien's wife) bring us delicious sweeties and David Chen's treating us a great lunch at Tai-Chun.
We were told that Chen Linlung might got some great Hotel coupons for certain resorts...It will be great to take advantage of the coupon prices. (Our recent Taiwan Oolongs Study Tour has visited Hua-Tung area and we enjoy the Eastern Taiwan so much!)
Thomas 7/14/2009

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