Sunday, September 19, 2010

TACL 2010 LID Summer Camp @UCLA (8/5/2010)

Taiwanese American Citizen League (TACL) is having LID Summer Camp for during 8/4-7/2010 at the campus of UCLA. The coordinator, Jason Tsai and many counselors are our good friends since ITASA activities. I got the invitation from Jason since early April at UCSD to give his campers a workshop for them to learn about Taiwan's tea culture. He insists that the workshop must be creative and fun. You know the teens nowadays can easily get bored if they don't find it interesting. What a challenge we have for this one. Over 120 students plus our couselors and other guest speakers... View through the above photos, you might figure what is the result.
By the way, LID means Leadership, Identity and Development. I was amazed to see how this 2010 team has achieved. Jason and his partners deserve a big applause from our TA community.
My 4 volunteers for the day: Mindy Huang, Kyle Chou, Philip Chiu and Alinda Wang.
There are a few students did send in emails to get their aroma & sipping cups set as I promised in the class. I will make sure to forward these tea sets upon we received them from Taiwan Tea Manufacturers' Association.

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