Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Taiwan tea tasting in Jeni Dodd (12/1/2012)

Jeni Dodd, who has been with TOST in 2011 and 2012, traveled to Taiwan for the field trip tea education last October.  She brought a few great teas on her way back...  She thought of having her friends over to enjoy a session of Taiwan tea tasting.  
From the display, we can tell how much efforts she has prepared for this one.  Both Josephine and I are so happy when she shared these photos with us.  We got Jeni's consent to share them with our tea friends.
Back in 1869, Mr. John Dodd made the first shipment of Formosa Oolong to Manhattan...
On 12/1/2012,  143 year later, Ms. Jeni Dodd has re-introduced Taiwan tea (Wenshan Pouchong, Oriental Beauty, Jade Oolong, Bi-Lo-Chun,...) in Manhattan.
Way to go... Jeni.

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