Thursday, January 23, 2014

New Tea Experience - "Ooloong 51"

Can Oolong tea be served like red wine to pair, for a fine dining experience?

Should we develop something new, and to add "A Savvy New Choice" to the existing wine menu?

We are challenged with pairing foods with properly prepared tea, to create a great dining experience in a fine restaurant.

Here is our experiment for "Ooloong 51" -

1.) Have these apparatus ready:

Let us break it down to explain one by one ...

18 oz Uniq-Brew over the pitcher [*our sku# TE-162], 
can have 7.5g of tea leaf infused properly.
Same leaf will be infused twice...

 Any 32 oz Glass Pitcher, for holding the tea that properly infused...

 Any style of red wine glass decanter...

 Any style of ice bucket...

Use red wine decanter and red wine glass for the serving

2.) When the customer selects a tea from the Ooloong 51 menu, the tea will be brought to the table in a tamper-sealed caddy.  With an easy pull-tab opening, the tea can be poured on the plate (*which is using the cap of tea caddy, now serve as a plate) for the customer(s) to inspect.

 Use Pro-Pack Tea Caddy [*our sku# TE-152SV] as an 
example, suggest to have private labels for the restaurants 
as additional service.  Whatever tea left in the tea caddy will 
be inspected by the customers.  (*Better yet...we are having a
new machine to do the portion pouch - " ooloong-pac " each contains
7.5 grams of leaf tea, easy and accurate for the prep works.)
*ooloong-pac is a new tea package by JT and Tea

3.) How does the kitchen, or bar, properly prepare the tea?

 The kitchen or bar staff can easily use Uniq-Brew TE-162 to
 prepare tea.   Measure 7.5g of tea, (or simply use
 * ooloong-pac with 210F, in a See-Through infusion.

When the leaves unfurl, tea is done...

 Place the Uniq-Brew over the glass pitcher 
to have the infused tea to dispense in the pitcher.

Same leaf could be used for the second infusion.,
use 210F, and let the tea steep for 1 minute and place 
the Uniq-Brew over the pitcher to flow tea in the pitcher.

4.) When tea has completed it's infusion... let the tea cool down to room temperature to serve.

Use the ice bucket to help cool down the tea temperature,
Serving the Ooloong 51 in room temperature is a key.

5.)  Ooloong 51 is ready to serve... 

6.) Which types of teas are included in the list of Ooloong 51?
Oriental Beauty, Formosa White Tip, Formosa Bonita (Ruby 18, FB-27, FB-47)... there are many great choices.  We can also help to create custom blends. 

7.) This Ooloong 51 experience will surpass the traditional hot tea service.  It is designed to serve and pair with foods through the whole fine dining... with an added bonus to potentially entice dessert sales after the meal.

We've heard that restaurants rather promote wine than tea - due to profit concern and avoid the  hassle of tea handling.  "more tea more pee...that's it." - it might be true if the way of tea serving remains as conventional hot tea service or by teabag steeping...or...simply iced tea.  
With the addition of Ooloong 51, and Ooloong 49, to the existing wine menu, restaurants can offer customers another civilized choice, that can generate more sales, and more tips!

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