Monday, April 28, 2014

OOLOONG SOMMELIER @ San Diego Tea MeetUp (4/26/2014)

Josephine and I have thought of reaching out to the tea community in San Diego area.  How lucky that we have a good friend Dharlene, who's the organizer of San Diego Tea Group and she has been so generous to help us to arrange this session and also find this nice venue at "The Orchard" in San Diego.  Our topic has set to be Advanced Cupping, and I decide to give "OOLOONG SOMMELIER" a good trial.  This is a great group on this special evening of 4/26/2014, we've made it together.  So glad that "Azusa Tea Club" and "San Diego Tea Group" two meetup groups have this successful co-op event,  and for sure this won't be the last one.  Our hearty appreciation to Dharlene and San Diego Tea friends.

Pictures can say it all... Enjoy the following slideshow:

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