Monday, August 31, 2015

Are these Specialty Teas ?

Are these Specialty Teas ?
More and more 'jobbers' walk in or text in to inquire about some basic teas, most Green, either pan-fired or steam-fired, Black, OP or BOP, Oolong standard... They want to 'create' Specialty Teas with their own blends...
From the demand and repeating orders that make me believe some trends are going big out there. I don't want to know what are those added in the blends... Smell strong though, look pretty too, just not in my cups.
What exactly Specialty Tea trade I am in? Since APTI to STI... Still not sure.

One of my tea sensei, Mr. CS Lo, shares with me the following statement, I thought my tea friends will be interested in reading it. ----

"What is specialty tea depends on how you define it. I used to discuss with visitors on the definition of good tea, in our QandA session.
My advice is that you can only find your good tea for yourself personally after a certain period of tasting time on various teas by yourself. The maker’s specialty tea is not necessary the real good tea for you or good specialty tea for the consumer in person individually.
Specialty tea with its high quality, scarcity, high commanding price or its profound commercial promotion is indeed good for conspicuous consumption, showing your high social status symbol. To an ordinary tea-lover, such a conspicuous consumption is nonsense, waste of money and even at the expense of one’s personal health.  Specialty teas are the games of tea experts, tea connoisseurs, brokers and gifts makers and so forth.  Specialty tea has its two blind spots, poor cost performance and non-mass production. (成本太貴,不能量產).  
To me, tea is an honest product, plain in nature, easy to access and always affordable to consumers at large; and most of all, good for health and thought.  As a tea maker, I am proud of being able offer those merits to the societies at large.  After all, all businesses are local, different teas serve different local options or demands."

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