Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Finding the Harmony Codes

A few similar questions from our tea friends about Harmony Codes that I often mention, and why using these glass teapots in my cupping room?

We do standardized cupping with the traditional cupping sets for Black tea and Green tea.
We do Taiwan Oolong standardized cupping with TTMA standard cupping sets (*slightly larger than traditional cupping sets as Taiwan Oolong tends to unfurl with larger leaves.)

When standardized cupping- every one can has his/her set combination on amount of leaf, water temperature, steeping time - to do the cupping in consistency. So we can give a better evaluation on each tea we are cupping.

Yet, to define the best tasting and try to bring the best of each tea...We will need to make some experiments of infusion tests... With these glass teapots, 3 oz/5 oz/12 oz, which are so much easier for me to find the proper steeping time... That is how I usually write my Harmony Codes. Some lightly oxidized oolong I tend to add more amount and shorter the steeping time...on the contrary, some higher oxidized oolong, I will have less leaf and longer steeping...

 TE-005P  (3 oz)
 TE-035  (5 oz)
 TE-029    (12 oz)

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