Thursday, June 9, 2016

7 Beauties from JT & Tea

We are getting ready for the 2016 World Tea Expo in Las Vegas during 6/14-17/2016.

Theory - Cupping - Tasting - Serving

JT & Tea will have Taiwan Oolongs to be introduced with a new system for all attendees.  
Based on the craftsmanship: oxidation levels, rolling skill, and baking technique -  
Classified to 7 Taiwan Oolongs:
Wenshan Pouchong, Jade Oolong, Classic Tung-Ting, Amber Oolong, Oriental Beauty, Taitung Oolong, Formosa Bonita.   (7 Beauties make a Charming Rainbow!)

Learning about Taiwan Origin - History, Terroir, Cultivars, Cultures...
World Origin Tasting Tour   6/14 (Tuesday)

Develop your own skill on Oolong Cupping and Grading with Dr. Liu from Taiwan Tea Institute.
Class #S216, 6/16 (Thursday) 8am.

Ceremonial Oolong Service -  Discussed the New Avenues of your tea business!
6/15 (Wednesday) on the WTE Stage.
Along the presentation, we will taste all 7 Beauties, one after another...*Due to limited time and staff capacity, ONLY the first seated 88 participants will be served. 

By the way, JT & Tea will be at Booth #101, the first booth among all on the show floor!

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