Saturday, March 18, 2017

Like father, like son!

My 95 year-young father is super passionate and he treasures every MeetUp of Shakeng Tea Club that Norman Shu coordinates at this old tea factory. Maybe this facility no longer processes large lot of crude teas as it used to in the past... but nonetheless, it still can serve good function and contributes to the tea industry like having this one.

Well, Mr. Shu surely is proud to witness "good topics with professional presenters plus very enthusiastic and eager to interact participants" taken place there time after time!  Norman does have a solid team with family and friends to volunteer and devoted to all these tea events.

Thanks to Mr.赤堀実 and Mr. Sanjay Guha for an excellent T-Day at this old factory where I grew up. (*Wish I were there with you least Josephine has made it this time.)

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