Monday, May 6, 2019

Taiwan Oolong Outpost to Mexico (5/5/2019)

5.5.2019 Sunday
Josephine and I crossed the border in early morning to visit our #TOST2018 friend, Mr. Salvador Sosa and his wife, Graciela at their Sinensis Mx in Tijuana.

Very well planned and good audiences they have invited for two sessions.  Among the participants, there are Culinary school director, chefs, coffee baristas, wine sommeliers, coffee roasters, professors, doctors... We happily accomplished our Taiwan Oolong presentations in Mexico.  Although I cannot speak Spanish, but I believe that job will be carried on by Mr. Sosa and his team.

This is merely a small step for us, but it could be a huge move for Taiwan Oolong to get explored to another wonderful World. Crossing the border, crossing the Language and Culture barrier.

As we believe:
“Taiwan Oolong be flavorful, admirers shall follow.
7 Beauties are divine, the World shall happily incline.”

Our job is to spread the good Sense, Oolong-Sense.
We expect to see many Smiling faces who savor Taiwan Oolong.

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