Saturday, November 30, 2019

2019 Holiday Oolong Tasting (11.30.2019)

We have brought back a few 2019 Winter crop Lishan Jade and Summer crop Oriental Beauty from our recent trip to Taiwan.  Also we like to share some of the Signature Baked Amber Oolong with our tea friends.  Thanksgiving long weekend is perfect time to do this Holiday Oolong Tasting.  25 tea friends are in our cupping studio to chat and discuss over various oolongs.  I also got to share some updates about our #2019TOST.
We are thankful to our volunteers, Susan, Shelly, and Joecy to help serve teas.  Teresa and Karen are generous to share their photos. Nice to have Carrie, Jesso ladies as usual, also a few new friends, Billy, Justin, Felix, and Philip.  How can we miss our good friend, Victoria Casasco of Los Angeles Tea Society.



Josephine and I have prepared a very unique Tasting Cup and Tea Book for each participant as our Holiday Gifts.

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