Friday, September 30, 2022

《Tea & Tea-cher》Happy Tea-cher's Day !

《Tea & Tea-cher》
9.28 is Teacher’s Day in Taiwan.
Happy Teacher’s Day to all!
It is Tea-cher’s Day, too.
(*what do we learn from tea?)
I would surely like to share the following message from my friend and tea-cher, Scott Chen.
“ 年輕的時候,努力學習各種製茶的技巧、茶園管理的能力、烘焙的敏感度,透過各種成就來肯定自己!好像自己有能力掌握這一切一樣!
Scott is right. 
Over a while… you will eventually find that tea has taught us a lot more than we thought that we have learned from tea.
During the Pandemic Crisis, tea teaches me more on my living practice in life also in tea business.
Less desire,
life becomes light
Slower in pace,
calmer in mind
Easy go,
free up more
Simpler in style,
friendly to unite
Fewer thoughts,
brighter vision


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