Friday, February 17, 2023

#2023EarlySpringJade (#60487)


2.17.2023Friday afternoon @ JT & Tea Cupping Studio
#2023 EarlySpringJade (#60487) delivered via EMS to Los Angeles this afternoon. 
Cultivar: SiChiChun (*Four Seasons)
Eco-farming Garden, about 410 meters elevation.
Plucked on 2/1/2023
Processed on 2/1 and wrapped rolling and dried on 2/2/2023.
Refined and lightly baked on 2/10/2023.

District: SunPoKung, Nantou, Taiwan
(28° NE, 230°50'23"N 120°37'30"E) 
*Very fresh and good Ginger Lily floral, easily offers a few more infusions.

*Limited Edition.

Cupping -   (5g/150 ml/210F/6 minutes)

                        What are we looking for?

                         For the Early Spring Jade, we look for the ‘Purity of Aroma’ -
                             *aroma from the dry leaf,
                             *aroma with heat over the leaf,
                             *aroma with the leaf infused,
                             *aroma in the hot cup,
                             *aroma in the cold cup,
                             *aroma in the wet leaf

Tasting -