Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Formosa Bonita: Peach Oolong (Celebrate TAC-WC 2024)

Formosa Bonita: Peach Oolong 

Dedicated to all participants of  "TAC-WC 2024" Conference.

Formosa Bonita (蓬萊佳人) serendipitously been introduced after Taiwan’s 921 Big Quake in 1999. Many tea farmers in mid-Taiwan lost their tea gardens after the disaster. Two TBRS (*Taiwan Tea and Beverage Research Station) scientists, 邱瑞騰, 黃正宗 thought of those old bushes Assam tea plants that cultivated during Japanese occupation in Taiwan. They then helped farmers to uncover those tea bushes (mostly under the beetle nuts trees), and taught them how to make Black tea with Assam leaves. 

Some farmers were either very naughty(?) or being so used to their Oolong process, anyway... They did modify the Black tea’s traditional process with Oolong skill. Unexpectedly, a new tea was created! 

An extra-highly oxidized Oolong with ripe fruity aroma and flavor, a bit like the rare Oriental Beauty. This new Oolong (*Many farmers and consumers in Taiwan still think it is a Black Tea!! they nick name it: Honey Black.) gains its popularity in very short time. Even more magically, with this new process, each tea cultivar’s characteristic aroma and flavor could be presented and easily to be identified. (*Sounds like Napa Wine with its Grape varietal...)

This one, we select Jin Suang (金萱) cultivar, and enhance with Peach (水蜜桃)essence. You can enjoy hot or serve chilled. Infusion tips: 3g of tea, 150 ml rolling boiled water, steeped for 3 minutes to serve. 

The theme for this TAC-WC 2024 Conference is:  "Invest in TA, Elevate Taiwan & America" 

Hoping this tea and its story could keep you an inspirational and sweet memory of the conference.

By the way, if you would like to learn more about Taiwan Oolong, simply book a free "Private Group Cupping and Tasting" @ JT & Tea Cupping Studio... (*Details could be seen in this link.)

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