Thursday, June 29, 2017

Get ready for #TOST2017 !

Every time looks at this little hard-working fountain on our counter... it always inspires us and reminds ourselves that 'Tea Education' is a non-stopped effort...

There are two different dimensions: Professional training and consumer outreaches.
After #2017WorldTeaExpo, we are now focusing on a few regional tea festivals, staff training for customers, also our #CommuniTeaService to offer oolong tastings in our local library, museum and tea shops...

And, here comes the next big one in October - Celebrate our 10th Anniversary trip of #TOST2017 ( ) We are very excited and feel most ready this year!

With Dr. Liu and our advisors from #TaiwanTeaInstitute , we finally put together Oolong-Sense,  which will make our hands on educational trip with solid information to back up our study. Every move in the plantation at various districts with different cultivars, on the plucking, during the process...and the craftsmanship to complete an intricate infusion... there are so many 'Why' in our minds when we're working and studying along the trip....and now we are more comfortable and able to discuss each 'Why' with the 'Answer'.   

Knowledge is key for tea marketing and promotion... For those who already signed up for #TOST2017, we can't wait to learn together with you during 10/19-26/2017.

7 Beauties from Taiwan to 2016 World Tea Expo

Thanks to our good friend, Johnny Tu, patiently taped these 5 videos:
'Taiwan Oolong @ ITI Workshop' back in 2016 World Tea Expo.

What an honor to work with Tea-cher, Mr. James Norwood Pratt, to share the 7 Beauties from by one...


Thursday, April 6, 2017

Oolong Outpost @ TUF Art Exhibition on 4/1/2017

TUF has an Art Exhibition, "The Beauty of Taiwan, Heart of Asia" featuring Taiwanese artists' oil paintings and water color paintings on 4/1-2/2017 at Los Angeles Taiwan Culture Center in City of El Monte.

JT & Tea is invited to offer Taiwan tea serving and Oolong Tasting on the Opening Ceremony and during the Art Talk by Master Lin on 4/1/2017.  Josephine and I have prepared 'Guava Leaves Tea' in air-pot for self-serving.  We thought of throwing this Taiwan tradition to go with this culture event. Guava Leaves Tea, also nicked as Bac-Gon-Cha in Taiwan Hakka, as it is popularly seen in the country-sides. A big pot of tea, under a big tree...always filled and free for travelers to self-serve.  I like this tradition, so friendly and considerate.

Besides the self-serving Bac-Gon-Cha, we also set up a tasting square for Oolong Outpost activity.  Josephine, Jerry, Peter and two beautiful Liao sisters are having fun with our guests who visit this art exhibition. Oriental Beauty and Rose Oolong the two teas we offer for tasting are extremely popular!
Glad that our artists, especially Master Lin and his wife love the teas and the idea to have us there!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Taiwan Oolong workshop in First Pasadena Tea Festival (3/26/2017)

SoCal has a big tea market alright.  In addition to the Los Angeles International Tea Festival in the Autumn/Winter, now we are very excited to have Pasadena Festival of Tea in the Spring and held at the beautiful Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden.

JT & Tea has taken a booth to offer Taiwan Oolongs for tasting, also provides a workshop to introduce '7 Beauties, Taiwan Oolong' to our tea friends who want to know more about Taiwan Oolong.  We introduce a new classification system that we've developed.  Based on the Oxidation levels, Rolling skill, and Baking techniques, we have Taiwan Oolong to be classified in 7 Beauties:
from lightly oxidized to extra highly oxidized: Wenshan Pouchong, Jade Oolong, Classic Tung-Ting, Amber Oolong, Oriental Beauty, Taitung Oolong, and Formosa Bonita.
Thanks to our event organizer, Patti Harrison and her excellent team to bring us The 1st Pasadena Tea Festival on 3/26/2017.
I am so very grateful to Dr. Jerry Liu and Christopher Ing Lum for their helps to set up the display.

Here is the slides of this activity.

Oolong Outpost @Pasadena Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden on 3/26/2017

The First Pasadena Festival of Tea is taken place at the gorgeous Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden on 3/26/2017.   Josephine and I was there since 9:30am to get ready for this Oolong Outpost.  We have been focused on serving teas... and until we finally see the photos...then we realize how lucky we are in the most beautiful setting to have so much tea fun in a pleasant Sunday afternoon.

Please enjoy these photos....

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Like father, like son!

My 95 year-young father is super passionate and he treasures every MeetUp of Shakeng Tea Club that Norman Shu coordinates at this old tea factory. Maybe this facility no longer processes large lot of crude teas as it used to in the past... but nonetheless, it still can serve good function and contributes to the tea industry like having this one.

Well, Mr. Shu surely is proud to witness "good topics with professional presenters plus very enthusiastic and eager to interact participants" taken place there time after time!  Norman does have a solid team with family and friends to volunteer and devoted to all these tea events.

Thanks to Mr.赤堀実 and Mr. Sanjay Guha for an excellent T-Day at this old factory where I grew up. (*Wish I were there with you least Josephine has made it this time.)

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Super T-Day ! (12/6/2016)

JT & Tea's cupping studio is having a super busy day!

We have three groups of visitors. Tea time, one after another!

I) In the morning, a few friends here to pick the teas for Holidays Giftea Project.  Ends up we are working out on selecting one Jade Oolong and one Formosa Bonita.

II) After lunch, three tea friends are here to discuss tea business and designing tea educational program for the 2017.  Mr. James Norwood Pratt, a renowned tea master and popular author of tea books., Mr. Sanjay Guha, a famous Darjeeling tea specialist also successful tea business strategist, and they are accompanied by Mr. Dhavin Shah, the CFOO of International Tea Importers (ITI).

Followed by the discussion...we then have two rounds of tea fun:
First round: to cup 7 Beauties of Taiwan Oolong.
Second round: to taste the three teas that I have recently developed with my Taiwan Tea Institute team. 

(*Sensei Pratt generously shares his comments on these 7 Beauties...)

(7 Beauties show various appearances, colors, aroma, flavors and finishes...  
       Bhavin and Sanjay are checking the aroma, also recording the beautiful dancing leaves... )

 (After the cupping, we have another round of tasting three teas 
Taiwan Tea Institute has recently developed...
 We believe in Affordable/Available Quality Oolongs
from Eco-farming gardens will be here to stay.)

III) Ms. Jeni Dodd, the one and only Dodd that I know besides Mr. John Dodd, shows up after our office hour.  She is visiting from Manhattan and helps out at the Los Angeles Tea Festival.  We do have some good study on the teas that I brought back from my recent Taiwan trip, and sip my signature baked Buddha's Palm while having some catch up.  When JD meets with JP, there are always non-stop laughter.

Monday, November 21, 2016

FB-78 is getting closer to satisfy OB fans!

Checking a crude tea of FB-78, (*Formosa Bonita with Chinsing Dahpan cultivar), and compare the aroma, flavor and tea liquor with Oriental Beauty that made with the same leaf from the same garden just at different season...
Well, this is just a crude tea, when it is completed with refinery finish... it could be much better!

I always believe FB-78 can satisfy many OB fans, if OB were not available or affordable... Glad that this project is getting there...