Tuesday, May 8, 2018

A sign is on JT & Tea's Building (5/4/2018)

This is a story, about "Love and Friendship"...

An iron sign used to be hanged on the wall of an old tea house located in an alley of Taipei's Chungshan N. Road... As a new restaurant was taking over, there laid the cast-iron sign...

this sign traveled and traveled...linked up with a string of friendship...
finally, it is on again... On 5/4/2018, this sign is hanged on JT & Tea's building.

All starts from... our good friend, Jerry Liu's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Michael C Liu noticed the sign having been left behind. They asked the new owner if the sign were being used.  Thinking their sone would find a nice home for it. The new owner stated to please take it. Thus, they hauled the sign up to their flat nearby.  After the return of their son, months later. Jerry asked Norman, Thomas' younger brother, to have it picked and packed in Sha Keng Tea Factory at Hsinchu and then shipped to the US for JT & Tea.

Josephine and I decided to have a new painting job on it with our logo color.  Our good neighbor, a welding shop, is offering his professional service to help mount the sign.

The second day, one of our good friend, Warner came with his high-end cameras to take a series of photos on the sign also our office. 

It is not just a sign, it is Love and Friendship deep in so many good friends' hearts.

We are blessed.      Thank you all!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

JT & Tea 2018 Spring Oolong Tasting (4/21/2018)

We've planned this event as we don't get to exhibit and offer some tasting for our community tea friends at the 2nd Pasadena Tea Festival in March.

Saturday, 4/21, 2-4:30pm at our Cupping Studio in Baldwin Park, CA.

We start tasting the 2018 Early Spring Jade Oolong from Nantou.  (*This one was harvested and made on 3/14/2018.  I hand carried back just for our tea friends to enjoy the freshest Jade.)

Followed by Josephine's tea talk:  (*while I am making the next 3 Oolongs for tasting)

"The Technology I have seen in TTC's Laopi Farm Project on my 3/12/2018 visit."

After the tea talk, we got the first Oolong Flight #JT-301,
Milk Oolong, Jin Suang cultivar from Taitung
Classic Tung-Ting, Jin Sien cultivar from Nantou
FB: 78, Formosa Bonita, Chinsing Dahpan cultivar from Taoyuan

Plus a Bonus Tasting of 4 classic choices from TTC's Daxi Tea Factory:
Pouchong / Oriental Beauty / Formosa Bonita / Ruby 18

We always have a good time with tea friends gathered over the tea tasting and chatting.  Josephine also displays some of her personal collection.  And, by the way, every participant gets a Personal Cupping Sets with Registration.

We are so happy to take this opportunity to get to use my draft for Cupping Placemat that I am designing and will be using on the World Origin Tasting Tour (Taiwan) also in my Oolong Class in 2018 World Tea Expo.  There are a few improvements to be made, and grateful to the Team-Efforts.

When will be our next Tasting?
Very possible it will be June 16th (Saturday, Father's Day Eve) - We are working on it!
Could be a Joint-Event: "Father's Day Afternoon Tea" followed by TUF's Banquet Party.
Details will be posted.

Monday, March 26, 2018

The 2nd Pasadena Tea Festival (3/25/2018)

We managed to show up and attended the 2nd Pasadena Tea Festival at the Japanese Garden on the past Sunday!This garden is just stunning from every corner...上禮拜日在美極了的古典日本花園之小型茶展!每個角落都令人驚嘆!

Our hectic March schedule keeps us from committing to this one.  However, we were back in town just in time.  The vendor's booths are sold out.  It is very kind of the Festival organizer, Patti Harrison, to make one session for JT & Tea to share the "2018: Update of Taiwan Oolong" with our tea friends there.

It is always very nice to meet with tea enthusiasts, especially in a beautiful garden with such a nice Spring weather.  Our gratitude to Jason and Jason, our friends from Teaful, LLC.  They are offering to serve the 2018 Early Spring Jade Oolong that we hand-carried back from our trip.

Enjoy the one and only, Storrier-Stearns Japanese Garden in Pasadena.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Pilot Blender for tea blending workshop

At JT&Tea, we use this pilot blender for staff training, and our tea blending workshops. 

It is "old school", but it works well.  The teas can be evenly blended, especially when working on the related materials that have very different sizes and densities.

You need to see it to believe it!  
This should intrigue  your imagination when creating new blends.

(As a side note, divide the recipe in 4 to have four rounds to complete a batch.)

Dr. Liu has experimented with three different teas: one green, one black, and one oolong, all in different sizes.  

What is the result?
A scientist was convinced by this very traditional blending skill.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

JT & Tea 2017 Holiday Taiwan Oolong Tasting (12/9/2017)

(12/9/2017) Saturday afternoon, JT & Tea hosts our Holiday Taiwan Oolong Tasting in our cupping room...
Filled with tea love and passion to taste 6 different Taiwan Oolongs from 6 farmers and factories:
Alishan Milk Oolong from Wang Ting,
Lishan Jade Oolong from HGT,
Classic Tung Ting from Lienshan Tea,
Amber Oolong (Buddha's Palm) baked by SKT,
Taitung Oolong from Lin Wang,
FB-78 from FuYuan Tea.

Our tasting starts from the natural FACTs of each tea, and relay them to the Theory in Processing, and Tasting with 4S: to See, to Sniff, to Sip, and to Sense.

Furthermore, we discuss about the Geographical Terroir, Cultivar Selection, and Craftsmanship that complete each good Oolong.

Many beautiful and romantic stories to be shared about each tea's encounter and development... I love Taiwan Tea! BUT, the message we are trying to bring to our tea society:
after 10 years of TOST program, and WTE stage promotion, finally Taiwan Oolong is ready to marching to the next landmark:
Grown and Made in Taiwan:
Food Safety, Ecology, and Technology.

Thanks to all participants, and we look forward to seeing more tea friends who will join our next Tasting event!