Wednesday, March 6, 2024

#2024EarlySpringJade (#60487)


3.6.2024 Wednesday @ JT & Tea Cupping Studio
#2024 EarlySpringJade (#60487) delivered via EMS to Los Angeles last Friday.  We have sent almost half of them to our established dealers, as they are so anxious and they need to ease their tea fans' waiting...

Cultivar: SiChiChun (*Four Seasons)
Eco-farming Garden, about 410 meters elevation.
Plucked on 2/13/2024
Processed on 2/1 and wrapped rolling and dried on 2/14/2024.
Refined and lightly baked on 2/15/2024.

District: SunPoKung, Nantou, Taiwan
(28° NE, 230°50'23"N 120°37'30"E) 
*Very fresh and good Ginger Lily floral, plus a fruity note... this year, our farmer make it a little bit higher oxidized... You could check the wet leaves to get that...

*Limited Edition.

Cupping -   (5g/150 ml/210F/6 minutes)

                              (3g/150 ml/210F/5 minutes)

                        What are we looking for?

                         For the Early Spring Jade, we look for the ‘Purity of Aroma’ -
                             *aroma from the dry leaf,
                             *aroma with heat over the leaf,
                             *aroma with the leaf infused,
                             *aroma in the hot cup,
                             *aroma in the cold cup,
                             *aroma in the wet leaf


Tasting - 

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