Friday, October 6, 2023

*TZ - Taiwan Oolong Made Easy

  All Natural, no flavoring or spices added
  Grown and Made in Taiwan
  Full Leaf for top quality infusion
  Pre-measured, portion sacked for precise enjoyment 
  PLA sachet, Ultra-Sonic press-seal, Eco-friendly

Have a Great Taiwan-Oolong !
The Duet of Lishan Oolong:

*TZ  by HGT from Lishan 2500 meters high, ISO22000, 5 Stars tea garden and plant.

      HGT Mountain Jade, MJ-74
      HGT Formosa Bonita, FB-74



The unique cultivar, ‘Chinsing Oolong 74’ performs extremely well up on the high altitudes…
The HGT team, built over 100 years rich tradition, and with young elites led by Johnny Tu to install weather stations in the garden and adopt digital system in the tea processing, allows HGT to head in AI Management and repeatedly making great Oolong, crop after crop. Our #2023TOST members have carefully observed them all !
Sip it and you would definitely ask for the second and the third cup…
After you finish your caddy of 8 *TZ, we have the refills that packed 50 *TZ eco-friendly in Ziplock foil pouches. 

For my Personal Tasting -
I found Porcelain Gaiwan, especially this 3oz Gaiwan is perfect to enjoy a few good infusions with *TZ - MJ:74.

For *TZ - FB:74,  I won’t mind using Glass tea ware to enjoy my sipping.
We can use *TZ for serving to family and friends, easily. 



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