Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2012 World Tea Expo - Amber Oolong & Aged Oolong

Amber Oolong, the gongfu
Baking Amber Oolong requires a master’s tremendous efforts and numerous practices. This tea can be enjoyed in gongfu style, infusion after infusion. 

We all realize that Mo Sardella has played an important role behinds the impressive Tea Infusions Challenge  in 2012 World Tea Exp.  When TTMA Stage programs were under planning...I thought of MO, who's in our 2011 TOST program, and hoping that he will be available for us to lead one session of cupping.  A phone call to GS Haly office..., as we all know how generous Mr. Spillane is...he endorses the idea almost immediately...So, here we have Mo on the stage to have one of his favoritea - Amber Oolong.  Believe me, from my observation during 2011 TOST, Mo is about ready to bake his own Amber Oolong.  Enjoy the slideshow below to see his enthusiasm!

(*I will like to take this post, again hearty thanks to our friend, Mike Spillane and GS Haly Co., on behalf  of Taiwan tea industry, tea farmers... You can tell how much supports they have given to TTMA.  Not only Mike himself took his precious time to fly over to Taiwan to give seminars and encouragements to our tea farmers and tea merchants., he has generously sent Aaron Vick and Mo Sardella to our Taiwan Oolongs Study Tour Progam to show his valued friendship.  We appreciate it and we will like to share the story with all our tea friends.)

Amber Oolong - could be made to be, take TieGuanYin as an example., also could be value-added with certain crude teas, Pouchong, Jade begin with. Tea Baking is another art and craftsmanship that takes years of practices.  We believe this is going to be a big attraction...not only in tea producing countries.  I am expecting it will soon to have tea baking workshops here in the Northern America... Many of our tea entrepreneurs might be thinking to have their own baking room to create their own house-specialty Amber Oolong.  (*similar to coffee roasters...).
Aged Oolong - This is another territory we are looking at.  It will involve the "Tea Cellar" to store teas with crystal clear documentation. (*Comparing Pu-Erh, we need to come up with an advanced system to convince the tea fans.)  No doubt that it requires further R&D, and for sure, the wine business model will be borrowed.  During the storing period, should the tea to be re-baked? How often? What will be the perfect condition for the tea cellar to be equipped with? ...
Many tea scientists and tea entrepreneurs are working on various projects in Taiwan now...
We are indeed very excited about its happening...

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