Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2012 World Tea Expo - Jade Oolong & Classic TungTing

Jade Oolong & Classic TungTing -
I always enjoy the honor of cupping tea with our good friend Aaron Vick.  He has a very sharp and decisive approach.., I wonder whether the Hapkido practice has something to do with it. (?)  In 2011 WTE, Aaron and I did a session of  Taiwan TieGuanYin together.  This time, I thought it will be fun to invite him back again, but to cup different tea, from baked Oolong switch to Jade Oolong...and then touch an interesting topic of "Classic TungTing".  Please enjoy our slideshow of Aaron on the TTMA stage on 6/2/2012.

Jade Oolongthe classic  
This naturally fragrant high mountain tea becomes one’s favorite instantly.  Pleasant aroma, delicate flavor and lingering finish are captured within the semi-balled, tightly rolled leaves after numbers of time in withering, oxidation and rolling repeatedly. 
Jade Oolong is another version of Pouchong simply in different leaf appearance. Domestic tea lovers use to call it "semi-ball Pouchong".  Due to green tea fever and market driven trend, Taiwan's Jade Oolong tends to become greener and greener (lighter in oxidation, Drying without baking...) Farmers and Factories learn fast from their customers' demand.  However, there are many "*old" fans complain on the "green trend"...they miss the TungTing Oolong from the 80s/90s'...a bit higher oxidation plus the additional baking to stablize the tea after the crude tea finished drying. Classic TungTing is slowly back in our market - domestically and internationally.
What is the difference between Jade Oolong and Classic TungTing?  
No need to guess, order some samples and line them up for your own cupping.  Try to follow our tea master, Aaron Vick, to find your own answer.

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