Monday, July 29, 2013

2013 World Tea Expo - Pouchong

Pouchong is not only the first Taiwan Oolong I learned since my childhood, but still is my favorite. I also think Pouchong is easier compared to other teas to purchase and to sell...because we can tell the quality of the tea by simply examining the dry leaf's condition.  For our group study in this Pouchong session, we picked 4 teas, which were: Traditional Pouchong in Chinsing Oolong and TTES 19 (BeeYu); semi-ball type Pouchong in Chinsing Oolong and TTES 20 (Yin Hsiang).

Everyone who attended the session were all handed a cupping log to take notes during the cupping session.  We really enjoyed working with them as they were all very enthusiastic to learn and willing to share their observations during the whole session. 

There are so many organizations, such as STI and World Tea Academy that offers tea workshops and I wish our tea friends should seriously consider to take some of those classes with certification credit.  And on the show floor, there are companies offer many great cupping sessions, join the group cupping.  It is by far the most effective way to learn about tea...

What is next?  

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